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March 12, 2010 -- Merwin passed away this morning, peacefully, in his sleep.

I (his son) and my children have no interest in continuing the work. All of his genealogy materials are now at:

The Genealogy Center
Allen County Public Library
900 Library Plaza
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

All of the newsletters and the Almy Book, a history and family tree of Almys in America, are available for reading here. All old links to this site have been maintained, but this page is now different and has links to the newsletter index and the book.

I have made some additions and changes to the pages in the online (HTML) book but not the PDF file. It is fairly easy to make additions or corrections as long as they don't add generations or alter the tree hierarchy. 9 pages have been changed from 2011 to 2015. The remainder of the book is as my father last edited it in 2001.

January 2012 -- I received the following email from Charles L. Short. Apparently there were two William Almy emigrants. The first one (which stole the canoe) was not the same as the one that arrived a few years later and was the emigrant referenced in this book. Charles states:

My source is The Great Migration, Immigrants to New England 1634-1635 by Robert Charles Anderson, published 1999: Massachusetts Bay records contain three entries which apply to another WILLIAM ALMY, present in Massachusetts in 1631 and 1634 [GMB 1:44-45, citing MBCR 1:88, 122, 244]. These records have been employed to argue that the subject of the present sketch came to New England in 1630, returned to England in 1634, and came a second time to New England in 1635. But as these are two different men, we have only the evidence that the William Almy currently under consideration arrived in 1635, with no evidence of an earlier presence in New England. [MBCR - Records of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England 1628-1686, Nathaniel B. Shurtleff, ed., 5 volumes in 6 (Boston 1853-1854]

The book isn't as up to date as it could have been since my father's lengthly list of additions and corrections went with the materials. He had them for years, but because of the complexity of the book and my lack of appropriate HTML editing tools (the original was basically done by hand!) I never got it updated.

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