Almy Descendant No. 1232-1213-1511

749. GERALD REYER12 ALMY (Avery Morehouse11, Emory Emerson10, Alfred M.9, William A.8, William7, Elisha6, John5-4, William3, Christopher2, William1) b. Marshall, MI, 14 Dec 1918; d. Woodstock, VA, 22 Oct 1982.

He m. Akureyri, Iceland, 27 May 1944, MARIA GUDRUN ISLEFSDOTTER, b. Akureyri, 15 Dec 1915.


iBARBARA JEAN13, b. Lansing, MI, 11 Jun 1945; m.(1) Washington, DC, 1963, HARDING BURKETT, Jr.; m.(2) Woodstock, VA, 1975, BYRON WENGER. Children, born Arlington, VA: 1. Harding Burkett, III. 2. Darren G. Burkett, b. 28 Jan 1969. 3. Lisa M. Burkett, b. 15 Jul 1973.
iiCAROL ANN, b. 1946; d. 1946.
iiiKAREN ASTA, b. Memphis, TN, 24 Feb 1948; m. Strasburg, VA, Oct 1982, CLYDE BALLARD STOVALL, Jr.
ivGERALD A., b. Cincinnati, OH, 10 Sep 1951.

During World War II, Gerald served in Iceland. He remained in the Army Reserve and retired in 1978 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. After the war he worked for General Motors in Michigan and graduated from the General Motors Institute. He moved to the Washington, D.C. area in 1951 and went to work for the Central Intelligence Agency. In 1959, he joined the Federal Aviation Administration and remained there until he retired in 1974. In 1963, he earned a master's degree in business administration at George Washington University in the District of Columbia.

In 1971, both Gerald and Merwin Almy (1408-3312-112) were assigned (Gerald by the Federal Aviation Administration and Merwin by the U.S. General Accounting Office) to work with the Congressional Commission, headed by the Honorable Ancher Nelson, Representative from Minnesota, on the Organization of the Government of the District of Columbia. Gerald was assigned to the task force on Housing and Community Development and Merwin to the task force on Procurement and Supply Management. They both found it amusing (and confusing, at first) to have two Almys assigned to a relatively small Congressional Commission.

Gerald R. Almy's SS No. is 380-10-9420.

Gerald R. Almy's son, Gerald A. Almy wrote and published in 1978, an excellent book for fly fishermen titled Tying and Fishing Terrestrials. A writer for the National Geographic Society Magazine wrote "My destination: a modest cabin overlooking the river's North Fork. It belonged to Gerald Almy, a young refugee from the Washington suburbs who had driven west with his father to fish one day and fallen in love. "We bought a plot of land, had a shell put up, and finished the interior ourselves," Gerald said. He settled in to live alone on a bluff overlooking the river and soon was a budding magazine writer, traveling the globe on assignment.