Almy Descendant No. 1239-2165-1

397. WILLIAM CALDWELL9 ALMY (Holder8, William7, Holder6, Joseph5, William4-3, Christopher2, William1),b. Portsmouth, VA, 18 May 1859; d. Baltimore, MD, 17 July 1939.

He m. ADA MARION WRIGHT, b. Baltimore, 21 Nov 1862; d. Baltimore, 20 Jun 1940; dau of Margaret Wright.


535iRAYMOND RODOLPHER10, b. Berkley, VA, 1 Nov 1883; d. Baltimore, MD, 23 Jun 1970; m. Baltimore, 17 Nov 1914, BESSIE HALL WRIGHT, b. Baltimore, 23 Mar 1884; d. Baltimore, 26 Sep 1980..
iiFLORENCE AUDREY, b. Berkley, 29 Jan 1887; d. young.
iiiWILLIAM C., b. Berkley, 17 Mar 1889; d. 1891.
ivVERNON HOLDER, b. Norfolk, VA, 10 Aug 1890; d. Baltimore, MD, Jul 1986; m. ALICE W. CARSON. They had no children.
536vWARREN WRIGHT, b. Norfolk, 20 May 1892; m.(1) ELSIE WEHN, b. Baltimore, MD. He m.(2) MARY WESTERKAM. b. Baltimore, 22 Feb 1904; dau of Joseph and Flora (Hunter) Westerkam.
viEVELYN, b. Norfolk, 21 Sep 1895; d. young.
537viiEVERETT DODSON, b. Baltimore, MD, 22 Mar 1900; m. Baltimore, 14 Oct 1924, PHYLLIS LOUISE BULLARD, b. Seekonk, MA, 18 Jun 1899; d. Cockeysville, MD, 17 Jan 1990; dau of William T. and Kathryn Louise (Wheaton) Bullard.
538viiiWILLARD DICKSON, b. Baltimore, 24 Feb 1904; m. ELIZABETH FRANCIS HUMES, b. Bellaire, OH, 4 Feb 1906; d. Arnold, MD, 7 Sep 1978; dau of Thomas and Martha Sarah (Hart) Humes.

William Caldwell Almy was a mariner. Captain Almy gained his initial seagoing experience as an officer on the Cape Bay Line. In 44 years he commanded all the new boats which were added to the Line. When he retired in 1932, after 61 years of service on the sea, he estimated that during his active career he had covered two and a half million miles in running up and down the Chesapeake Bay.

The William Caldwell Almy household is in the 1900 Federal census in Baltimore, MD, as follows. William C. Almy 41, b. VA, May 1859; Ada M. 37, wife, b. MD, Oct 1862; Raymond R. 16, son, b. VA, Nov 1883; Vernon H. 9, son, b. VA, Aug 1890; Warren W. 8, son, b. VA, May 1892; Evelyn M. 5, dau, b. Va, Sep 1894; Dodson 2/12, son, b. MD, Mar 1900; and Margaret Wright 79, mother-in-law, b. MD, Feb 1821.