Almy Descendant No. 1252-9531-6172

831. TIMOTHY MARK12 ALMY (David John11, Arnold William10, Arnold Thomas9-8, John7, Christopher6, John5, William4, Christopher3-2, William1),b. Johnson City, NY, 19 Aug 1953.

He m. Binghamton, NY, 28 Nov 1981, LUCIE VILLARREAL, b. Denver, CO, 22 Jun 1955; dau of Reuben and Emily (Boca) Villarreal.

Child, b. Binghamton, NY:

iAMIE RAE13, b. 20 Apr 1980.

According to information on the Internet in July 1996, Timothy Almy was the owner of "The Home Pub" in Binghamton, NY. He was also listed on the Homebrewing Supplier List - New York.