Almy Descendant No. 1407-1C74

288. BILLINGS GRINNELL8 ALMY (Horace Manchester7, John Edwin6, Sanford5, John4, Job3-2, William1),b. Centralia, IL, 16 Feb 1874; d. Lincoln, NE, 18 Mar 1949.

He m. Ashland, NE, 18 Apr 1901, ADA MARKS, b. Oskaloosa, IA, 9 Jan 1875; d. Lincoln, NE, 27 Nov 1928.

Children, born Ewing, NE:

iMIGNON JUNE9, b. 6 Jun 1902; d. Lincoln, NE, 12 Aug 1995. Unmarried.
432iiGERALD MARKS, b. 24 Apr 1904; d. Champaign, IL, 29 Nov 1977; m. Lincoln, 21 Jul 1930, RUTH VIRTUE, b. Winona, MN, 31 Aug 1904; d. Champaign, IL, Jul 1985; dau of George O. and Meta (Vogel) Virtue.
433iiiERNEST GRINNELL, b. 9 Jan 1909; m. Lincoln, 6 Sep 1930, RUTH SIMMONS BOBBITT, b. Lincoln, 10 Jul 1906.
434ivLOREN BILLINGS, b. 9 Jan 1909; m. Lincoln, 14 Apr 1934, JEAN AMELIA BOBBITT, b. 19 Apr 1912.

Mignon Almy wrote a very interesting and complete History of the Family of Horace Manchester Almy. In it she writes "By the fall of 1898, my father had decided to join his brother John in Germany. The latter had gone there the year before, to continue his study of Physics at Berlin University. My father chose the University of Leipzig to continue his study of Psychology in which he had majored at the University of Nebraska. During the next year or so, he did considerable work towards a doctorate, but had not completed it by the time Uncle John was ready to return home. However, during this time, he learned to speak and write German proficiently. He used to say that one even learns to think in a foreign language and it becomes natural to use it. He had lived in boarding houses or pensions, as they are called, and enjoyed his German contacts. He used to tell us of the young German students, with whom he was associated. They, as well as their elders, used to boast of their prowess as a Military might, and that their countrymen would be the victors, if Germany and the United States should ever get into a war. He vividly recalled this, when the two countries were mortal enemies during the years of World War I, and again in the years of World War II."

"Between intervals of study, the two brothers traveled much of western Europe by bicycle, visiting most of the famous Museums and art galleries of the larger cities of Belgium, Holland, France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. Part of their traveling was done by train and boat. Before finally leaving for home, they also visited England, Scotland, and the Scandinavian countries. By the fall of 1900, my uncle had completed his work towards his Ph.D. in Physics, and the two returned home together."

Billings Grinnell Almy wrote a journal of his travels and encounters while traveling in Europe. This was included, in installments, in the Almy Family Newsletters. It is very interesting because at that time there were no airplanes or even automobiles, and they traveled by train, boat, bicycle, and on foot.