Almy Descendant No. 1408-38

80. JACOB6 ALMY (Holder5, Job4-3-2, William1),b. Portsmouth, RI, 24 Feb 1782; d. 1815, lost at sea.

He m. Portsmouth, RI, 6 Dec 1804, CHARLOTTE SHERMAN, b. Portsmouth, 20 Nov 1785; d. 23 Jan 1875; dau. of Richard and Elizabeth (Bowler) Sherman.


iGRIFFIN BARNEY7, b. Portsmouth, RI, 16 Nov 1805; d. Portsmouth, 6 Mar 1806.
171iiHOLDER SLOCUM, b. Portsmouth, RI, 29 Jun 1807; d. Sandwich Islands, 16 May 1856; m.(1) New Bedford, MA, 1 Sep 1833, ELIZABETH HOWLAND, b. 5 Jan 1811; d. New Bedford, 9 Nov 1836; dau. of Resolved and Patience (Hathaway) Howland. He m.(2) New Bedford, 5 Jul 1838, PATIENCE RUSSELL WADDY, b. 1820; dau. of Humphrey and Clarissa Waddy.
172iiiLEVI, b. Portsmouth, RI, 12 Sep 1808; d. Portsmouth, 15 Jul 1886; m. Portsmouth, 15 Nov 1832, SUSAN HANNAH HAZARD WALES, b. Portsmouth, 25 Jan 1815; d. 13 Jan 1898; dau. of Atherton and Elizabeth (Hazard) Wales.
ivELIZABETH, b. 5 Jul 1815; d. 1 Jun 1894, unmarried. In her will made at Newport 1 Jun 1894, she named sister-in-law Patience R. Almy of New Bedford, MA, widow of Holder Almy; nieces Julia Brownell, wife of William Brownell, Charlotte Southwick, widow of Christopher; nephews John W. Almy, Henry W. Almy, Jacob Almy, Robert Almy, and Holder Almy.
vSARAH, b. 5 Jul 1815; d. 15 Apr 1894, unmarried.

Jacob Almy was captain of the barque Russell owned in New Bedford, and sailing from New York to China and India, and was lost in the Indian Ocean with all the crew, the vessel never heard from after 1815. His widow moved to Portsmouth, which had been her home earlier, and later to Newport where she died and was buried, her body later being removed to Portsmouth.

Charlotte and her daughters are in the following Federal censuses for Newport, RI.

1850: Charlotte 64; Elizabeth 38; and Sarah 36.

1860: Charlotte 75; Elizabeth 46; and Sarah 44.

1870: Charlotte 84; Elizabeth 56; and Sarah 54.

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