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Scrapbook of Phebe Almy Marble (1408-330)

In August I received an e-mail message from Thomas Almy (1252-9531-6115) in Florida saying there was a message on the Internet about "Phebe Almy Marble's scrapbook." I knew that Phebe was my great-great-great aunt and that my parents often spoke about her. Phebe was the 10th child of Christopher and Lydia (Hill) Almy and she was the only child left in that family when my parents were a young couple. Phebe was born in 1815 and died in 1906. My father was born in 1873 and so was 33 when Phebe died. She was a relative that often visited my parents, and they commented that Phebe and her family talked "different." You see, Phebe was a Quaker (member of the Society of Friends) who used "thee" and "thy" in her conversation.

Through phone, e-mail, and snail mail I found that the scrapbook was purchased at an antique mall by a man in Oklahoma City who was interested in old newspapers.

There was nothing he wanted in the scrapbook and I was able to purchase it from him at his cost plus shipping.

I did not know what I would find in the scrapbook, but I had hopes of finding interesting genealogical material for this newsletter. The scrapbook consisted of approximately 90 pages of newspaper clippings, mostly about Quaker leaders and meetings, the Marble family that she had married into, and friends of the family. Very little genealogical information was contained in the news clippings (like date and place of birth of family members). What information there was, simply confirmed the information I previously had on the family. I was hoping for more. Her obituary, presumably put in the scrapbook by a family member after her death, was interesting. Union Village mentioned is in North Smithfield, Rhode Island. Here is the obituary.

"Phebe Almy Marble, widow of Russel Marble, daughter of the late Christopher and Lydia Hill Almy, died at her home, Union Village, where she had resided for over 70 years, age 90 years. Mrs. Marble, who was one of the most highly respected residents of this vicinity, had been in failing health for the past few years, but her last illness was of brief duration, an illness of a few days of pneumonia causing her death.

"Mrs. Marble's nine brothers and sisters were born at Newport. On account of the embargo placed on the city during the war of 1812 there was no business going on there, and the family moved to Slatersville, where they lived for two years and where Mrs. Marble was born. After she became two years of age the family moved back to Newport, and after a few years removed to Vermont, from which place she, at the age of 18 years, went to Friends' school, Providence. Later the family took up their residence in Smithfield, Mr. Almy buying the place at Union Village where Mrs. Marble died. Mr. Almy had a grain store near what is now known as the Lyman mill, at Woonsocket Falls. He was the last postmaster that Union Village ever had.

"The subject of this sketch became the wife of Russel Marble of Charlton, Mass., in 1839. Their children were as follows: Rebecca M., wife of Prof. Allen C. Thomas of Haverford, Penn., who died Feb. 18, 1905; Sarah M., wife of J. Herbert Shedd of Providence; William Allen Marble of New York City, who is now abroad, and Joseph Russel Marble of Worcester, of the J. Russel Marble Company.

"The deceased was of an old Rhode Island family which for generations had been members of the religious society of Friends. She was herself a consistent member of that religious body and was a beautiful Christian woman."

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