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Jenine Alana Turner (1252-9137-1132-3)

In May of this year I received Jenine's announcement of the commencement ceremonies for the Homeschoolers of the Class of 1999 held in Woodbridge, Virginia.

I haven't seen Jenny since before we left Virginia over 11 years ago. She was a little girl then, now she is a young woman.

Her mother Joanne wrote "We continued to homeschool Jenny all the way through high school. After our homemade graduation ceremony, we are going out to Seattle in early June for my 'baby' sister's wedding. (Jenny is a bridesmaid.) Then Jenny leaves for a month of backpacking in Europe. She has saved for this for a long time.

"Jenny will attend the University of Rochester in the fall where she plans to major in computer science and French (or modern languages). And excitement, excitement!!! She is a National Merit Scholar!!!!

"She retired from gymnastics this month after 15 years in the sport, the high point of which was making it into the finals at Nationals 2 years ago (7th place on bars and 19th place all-around). She will now have time for all the 'normal' things of life that have been limited by spending 20+ hours a week, year round, in the gym."

We wish Jenine the best in her future endeavors.

(This should have been in the July 1999 Newsletter, but I miss-placed Jenine's parents letter.)

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