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Journal of Billings Grinnell Almy (1407-1C74)

Following is the continuation from the last Newsletter of the journal of Billings Grinnell Almy. (See introduction in Newsletter No. 85, January 1996.)

Tuesday, December 13, 1898

Very good German lesson work went well and I have a new sentence Seine sanfte sehrsüchtig Seele suchten süssen Frieden.* Took to writing German script for a change. Find it hard to write and hard to quit writing when I try to change back to English. Went to the Brule Reading Room for an hour in the afternoon, plan, outline for an essay on Germany.

* Transcriber's note - Your gentle very sickly soul seeks sweet peace.

Wednesday, December 14, 1898

To lesson - not so good. Read a letter which I had written and it was pretty red when I was through. Lectures improving a little was my opinion at the end of the day. Wrote a letter on the "5 years to come" last night and finished at 2 a.m.

Thursday, December 15, 1898

Worked on German to try to finish up the grammar until I could almost dream German and wrote German Schrift* till my hand was cramped. Somewhat blue as a result. Cloudy and rainy also.

* Transcriber's note - Script

Friday, December 16, 1898

A slight head ache, perhaps as discouraged over German as I have been anytime yet. Even thinking of applying for a scholarship at "?" for next year.

Saturday, December 17, 1898

Feeling all right again for a change. Wrote out two hard lessons on "passive" and on "Kömmen" "dürfen" "mogen" "sollen" "willen" and "mussen:* Everything moving more or less smoothly. But yet about the same.

* Transcriber's note -

kömmen - to come (shouldn't have an umlaut.)

dürfen - to be permitted to.

mogen - to be willing, to desire (should have an umlaut on the o).

sollen - to be obliged to.

willen - this is a noun, but since he seems to have been working on verbs, he most likely meant wollen, to wish, to will.

Mussen - to be obliged to (should have an umlaut on the u).

Sunday, December 18, 1898

Wrote from when I got up (a little after 10:00) until I want to bed on one letter. I did stop to eat and to go to church however. My longest letter. Answering questions and talking about the first "ano"* a letter on "the past".

Transcriber's note - year

Monday, December 19, 1898

The noteworthy event of the day was a little conversation with Prof. Wundt in which I was informed that there would be no chance of doing any thing this semester in the laboratory. Also confided to me that Prof. Wolfe was second to none in America.

Began systematic note taking on Wundt's Physiologie.

(To be continued.)

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