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HELP - Who Was Orlin Almy?

On a business trip to San Antonio, Texas, back in 1969, I found an Orlin Almy in the phone book. I called Orlin and found out that he had worked for an institutional food service company; that his full name was Orlin Walter Almy; that he was born in Nevada Township, Iowa, in 1888; that his father's name was John William Almy who was born in March 1861 in Missouri.

He said he had two sisters; Gladys born in 1891 who was living in New York City, and Orpha, born in 1889. I wrote to Gladys at the address furnished by Orlin, but the letter was returned by the post office.

When I talked with Orlin I told him I was going to research for his ancestry and would be in contact with him again. I found his father in the 1900 Federal census in Nevada Township, Story County, Iowa. His father's date of birth was as Orlin told me, but for place of birth it had Ohio, not Missouri. Orlin and his two sisters were listed and they were born in Iowa. No wife was listed for his father.

Something must have happened to Orlin because I wrote to him a couple of months later and received no reply. I was also unable to contact him by phone. I subsequently found in Social Security information that he died in Texas in 1973.

In the 30 years since I first contacted Orlin I have been on the lookout for information on his father and his ancestry. I have had no luck so far. If anyone reading this has heard of, or knows of, Orlin Walter Almy, his sisters Orpha and Gladys, or his father John William Almy, please let me know what information you have.

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