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Sébastien Almy of Switzerland

In January I received an e-mail New Year's greeting from a Sébastien Almy who lives in Bournens near Lausanne in Switzerland. He wanted to know if I speak French because his English isn't very good.

I wrote back that I do not speak French, but he should write the best he can in English. He told me that he found my web page on the computer. He said his origins were in France where 50 years ago his grandfather came to Basel in Switzerland. He said there are only two Almy families in Switzerland -- his in Bournens and his uncle in Basel.

Sébastien is 26 years old and he works in Lausanne in a small factory that makes wood windows, doors, etc. On weekends he does a lot of paragliding, windsurfing, and skiing.

I will keep you posted on further exchanges of information. I hope to find out more about the French Almys.

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