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Founder of C. M. Almy and Son Finally Identified

Almy Family Coat of ArmsOver 25 years ago, fellow Virginia Mayflower Society member Sylvia Almy Littlehales Nichols (1233-5147-233) and I exchanged information on our Almy ancestry. Sylvia used a very nice looking engraved Almy coat-of-arms on her stationery. I inquired about it she said it was from C. M. Almy and Son, makers of clerical vestments. She had written them and obtained permission to use the coat-of-arms, but she said they were very foggy about when and where it came from.

Since that time I have been on the lookout for information on who C. M. Almy was -- in biographical sketches, obituaries, genealogical articles, information given to census takers, etc., but not a single statement about a clerical vestment company.

In May 1999, Dr. Stephen Brown (1481-2385-2331) sent me a "C M ALMY" advertising brochure. This was a beautiful catalogue of the church vestments made and sold by C. M. Almy & Son, Inc. Dr. Brown wrote "you will notice that this company has been in business since 1892." He asked who this C.M. Almy was. I had to answer that I did not know. (Those of you that are interested in the catalogue could probably find it at your church office. Inquire the next time you go to a church service.)

Then in October 2000 I received an Email from Mary "Noel" Almy (1233-5183-4114) who now lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She said her father's father was C. M. Almy and her father was the "and Son". Her grandfather was Clarence Mortimer Almy who started the tailoring business in New York City. Her father later joined the business and the "and Son" was added. Her father is James A. Almy. Her father brought her uncle (James' wife's brother) Mr. Fendler, into the business. Due to health problems, the Almys moved down South, and Mr. Fendler took over the business.

I have had Clarence Mortimer Almy (1233-5183-41) in my records for many years but had no way to connect him to the C. M. Almy & Son, makers of clerical vestments. Mary's father, James A. Almy, died in 1983. I talked with him back in July 1975. He told me that he had had a ring with the Almy crest on it, just like the crest I had in the July 1975 Almy Family Newsletter (Issue No. 3.) However, that ring was lost -- supposedly it was accidently flushed down a toilet.

I have included on this page a copy of the Almy coat-of-arms used by Sylvia Nichols on her stationery that she obtained permission to use from C. M. Almy & Son.

Another mystery solved.

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