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Almy Family Members

Please Register and Come to the

2001 Almy Family Reunion

Durango, Colorado, Sept. 21-22, 2001

A great motel rate has been obtained for your reunion and vacation dollars. But we have had to guarantee the number of reservations to secure that good room rate. So if you plan to attend, please make your motel reservations with the Iron Horse Inn and your reunion reservations with Hope Almy Hamilton. We need to know number of attendees so we can plan activities.

Concerning activities, Louise Almy, (wife of Donald Almy), has offered to entertain us with some story-telling. I told her it sounded great and I am looking forward to it. Any other ideas or suggestions?

A tip to those flying to the reunion. It is much cheaper to fly to Albuquerque, rent a car, and drive to Durango. When my wife and I purchased our plane tickets from Portland, Oregon, Durango was $420 round trip per person. Flying to Albuquerque was $204 round trip per person. A savings of over $400 to pay for the gasoline from Albuquerque to Durango. Think about it!

Lorraine (Almy) Almy (1407-1C74-41), wife of Donald L. Almy (1233-4668-151) wrote "We received your latest newsletter and were excited to find the registration for the Almy Family reunion in Durango. We attended part of the 1980 reunion in Virginia and look forward to attending all of this reunion. I know my double first cousin Don (1407-1C74-31) of Huntington Beach, CA (along with his wife Louise) plan to attend. When I married my husband Don (1233-4668-151) in 1961, Cousin Don began referring to himself as "The Real Donald Almy". So you will have two Don Almys, at least, at your reunion -- The Real Don Almy and the other one I am married to."

Hope Almy Hamilton wrote "You have said what our chamber has to say, but I just thought they should know we have THE best things to do in the world. I went river rafting yesterday. Was fly fishing on the San Juan and caught a beautiful 3 pound, 23" rainbow trout, watch the birds and flowers in my own yard, and love this area soooo much. Can't wait till our reunion. Lov, cuz."

Please send in the reservation form at the end of this newsletter as soon as possible.

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