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And Now, the Rest of the Story

Lorraine (Almy) Almy wrote "Cousin Bob Hageman's article about Almys at the University of Nebraska was interesting and informative but there is more to the story about attending the University of Nebraska. I love the "Rest of the Story" as Paul Harvey likes to say. In fact, this is my favorite of all family stories. And so, the rest of the story is...

"My grandfather Billings and his two brothers Frank and John did indeed graduate from the University of Nebraska. But they had a sister, Florence, who was the second oldest child. She was born in 1867 and grew up in this family to which education and the University of Nebraska were such an important part. Like her brothers, she very much wanted to attend the university. But her father, Horace Manchester Almy, did not believe in education for women and she was not allowed to go to college. This appeared to rankle her somewhat."

"After her marriage to William McReynolds her goal in life was to ensure that each of their children would own a quarter section of land. The income from each quarter section would be enough to pay tuition and fees at the University for one of the children. Although she died young before she could complete her goal, her widower did and each one of the six children, a boy and five girls, graduated from the University of Nebraska. (Take THAT, Horace Manchester!!)"

"Robert Hageman is one of her grandchildren. I certainly considered attending the University of Nebraska as my father and mother had. All of their sisters and brothers also graduated from Nebraska. But my brother Gerry and I have started a new tradition of our own. We and all four of our children have graduated from Washington State University."

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