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2001 Almy Family Reunion

Durango, Colorado

The Reunion in Durango on September 21-22, 2001 was a great event attended by 12 Almy Family members. The attendees were a wonderful congenial group made up of members from different branches of the family tree. Hope Almy Hamilton introduced the attendees to the gourmet eating establishments in town. All except Hope and Veda Almy rode the Durango & Silverton historic steam train. Some rode the train from Silverton to Durango, others rode the train both ways. A most enjoyable trip, although our clothes were covered with soot from the steam train. Many spectacular pictures were taken both directions.

Other than congenealogy, one of the most interesting activities at the reunion was looking at the CD of the Almy genealogy book written by Merwin Almy. Most of the attendees used the CD on Merwin's laptop computer to find their family information. The CD is easy to use and various different methods could and were used to find the desired information. All were amazed at how easy it was to look up information on the Almy family. A member of each family took the opportunity to purchase the CD, thereby saving shipping costs if purchased later by mail.

Following is the list of attendees.

Name Almy Number Residence
Robert E. Almy 1233-3252-3113 Albuquerque, NM
Sharon Almy 1233-3252-3113W2
Donald L. Almy 1233-4668-151 Edmonds, WA
Lorraine J. Almy 1407-1C74-41 & 1233-4668-151W
Earle (Buddy) Almy 1235-4131-1212 Cranbury, TX
Caroline (Hope) Almy Hamilton 1235-4131-1213 Bayfield, CO
Paul Almy Martin 1407-1C71-11 East Aurora, NY
Mary Martin Rehm 1407-1C71-13 Fort Collins, CO
Donald G. Almy 1407-1C74-31 Huntington Beach, CA
Louise Almy 1407-1C74-31W
Merwin F. Almy 1408-3312-112 Tualatin, OR
Veda H. Almy 1408-3312-112W

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