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Marriage of Joyce James Hobbs


On November 24, 2001, Joyce Hobbs married Andrew Miller in a private ceremony at their home in Omaha, Nebraska. Joyce Hobbs is the daughter of Bert Almy's sister, Betty James. (See article regarding Bert's Almy newsletter.) The following is from Bert's newsletter.

"When Bert interviewed his sister, Betty James, over the telephone, Betty beamed over the telephone lines saying, "They consider themselves a little family."

"And so do the Almy and Webb families. Bert and Sharon can attest that bringing a blended family together is a lot of work, and it sure helps from the beginning when everyone considers themselves to be "a little family." Bert and Sharon send them our very best blessings and will hold the little family in our prayers, praying that God will draw this little family close to him and shower them with his blessings."

"Betty said during the ceremony, which was performed by the minister from the Presbyterian Church, the three little girls were quiet for a while and then finally giggled. The adults all enjoyed this playfulness. The three girls are Maddisan (Joyce's daughter), Tory and Catie. Tory and Catie are Andrew's children he brings to the blended family from his first marriage."

"The marriage was a private ceremony. Betty, Frank, Pauline, and Maddisan were in attendance from Joyce's family, and Andrew's father, James Miller, Andrew's mother, Linda Miller, and Andrew's brother, Eric, and Tory and Catie, were in attendance from the Miller family."

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