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Earle (Buddy) Almy, Author


At the 2001 Almy Family Reunion in Durango, Colorado, I learned that Buddy Almy had written a chapter for the book Hoof Beats Across America. Buddy sent me a copy of the book which I found very interesting.

Hoof Beats Across America features profiles of people with a special affinity and love for horses. This book is the first in a series about the human/animal bond that is as American as apple pie. You learn why the words American and horse go together like hand and glove- and you discover individuals whose love of their horses is almost spiritual in nature.

Following are excerpts from Buddy's chapter "Long Ride Through Memories."

"Earle V. (Buddy) Almy's horse memories go back to a time and place where folks didn't saddle up just for fun - they did it to get from one place to another."

"My sister and I used to ride our horses to school every day, said Buddy, a real estate appraiser in Granbury, Texas. We used to tie them up on a vacant lot right there on Stadium Drive across from Alice E. Carlson Elementary School in Fort Worth."

"Ironically, the site of Buddy's hitching post is now home to the School of Ranch Management at Texas Christian University."

"Of course, my sister and I didn't just ride to school," he said, chuckling. "We used to race each other. She had a pony named Snowball, but I won most of the races on my horse, Tony. She got upset over that and told Dad she wanted a faster horse. So he got her a little thin, fast, paint horse named Queenie, and soon she was leaving me and Tony in a cloud of dust."

Buddy finished his chapter with "My true desire all of my life is to have my own ranch. I love God's work in nature and I love horses, especially a well-groomed black stallion, better than anything else."

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