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Questions about the Numbering System

For Almy Descendants

H. Raymond Almy (1252-9532-741) of Vestal, New York, sent me a newspaper clipping about his 90th birthday party at the Red Lobster Restaurant in Vestal and the volunteer work that keeps him busy. The article concludes "even at age 90, Raymond Almy doesn't intend to slacken his stride through life."

Raymond says he has been struggling to understand my Almy numbering system. He wrote "My son Leonard, my last of four children, has, if I am correct, number 1252-9532-7414." (Answer - correct.) He married Phylis and they had one daughter Tiffany before they divorced. Later he married Carol and they have two boys - Brendan and Chasen. Would either of those married to son Leonard have a number followed by a letter? (Answer - Yes, each would have Leonard's number followed by W1 for Phylis and W2 for Carol. The children are numbered in order of their birth to Leonard:

I hope the above will help those who might be struggling to understand the numbering system for Almy descendants.

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