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Jerry D. Bennett (1232-1272-4214W)

Jerry D. Bennett, 70, of Lyons, Michigan, husband of Ruth Eileen Almy, died February 23, 2003. Jerry was born December 17, 1932 in Lyons, the son of Clarence and Wreatha (Mason) Bennett.

Jerry married Ruth Eileen Almy in Angola, Indiana, on 29 August 1950. They had three children: Dennis Dean, Cheryl Marie, and David John. Jerry retired from Oldsmobile after 30 years of service. He was a retired First Sgt. of the Michigan National Guard, and was voted Michigan Soldier of the Year in 1964.

News from Ronald A. Wenzel (1252-95A3-322)

Ronald writes that since his last communication, his mother died in 2000 at the beautiful age of 91. (His mother was Arlene Almy, the daughter of Arthur and Margaret (Hagerl) Almy.) She lived in his home for the last seven years, enjoying her gardening, sewing hobbies, cooking, glassware, housework and her little dog, Lady. A very active 91year old.

He also lost his youngest brother, Jerry Lee Wenzel to heart disease. He left behind a wonderful wife and two special children, Dean and Milessa. Milessa is a hockey skater for the Wayne State University and is entering her senior year. Dean is an engineer for Bourg Warner in Detroit. Dean married Trisha Douglas and they honeymooned in Mexico.

As for Ronald; he retired in 1986 from education and went right into selling crop insurance to farmers. He inherited Lady from his mother and she is with him 24 hours a day; in the office, in the car, on the lawn mower, hunting (great rabbit dog) and walking.

Kathleen (O'Hara) Asmussen (1408-3312-134W)

Kathleen Asmussen, 72, of Conwaay, South Carolina, wife of Robert A. Asmussen, died February 21, 2003. Kathleen was the daughter of Peter and Josephine (Stephanick) O'Hara. She and Robert Asmussen were married in Seekonk, Massachusetts, on January 10, 1948. They had six children: Jennifer, Rebecca, Heidi, Kristin, Kyle, and Garth.

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