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Birthdays and Anniversaries

Barclays Celebrate 25th Wedding Anniversary

Suzanne Barclay wrote, "My husband, Richard Almy Barclay (1235-5792-213) and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. He recalled that on our first date (on November 1, 1975) that our conversation turned to genealogy: Richard mentioned that his first Olney relative came on a ship in 1635. I told him that my first Elms relative came over in 1635 as well. I amused Richard when I then asked him `What boat did he come on?` Richard and I were obviously fated to be together: Thomas Olney and Rudolopus Ellmes both arrived in Salem, Massachusetts on the same ship (the ship Planter) in 1635!"

Jennifer Chudy Simon (1233-3111-2222-1)

Jennifer recently (June 2003) sent me an email saying that her son Caleb just celebrated his first birthday. Those with email access can see some cute color photos of Caleb Almy Simon. (http://www.geocities.com/jchudy/myfirstchristmas.htm) Thanks Jennifer for the pictures; I really enjoyed them.

Barbara K. Almy Writes About Her Father's 80th Birthday

Barbara wrote "On March 16, 2003 we held a potluck/open house to celebrate my father, Harold D. Almy's (1233-4668-132) 80th birthday. In attendance were approximately 50 family & friends, including my sister Tina(1233-4668-1321) and brother-in-law Steve Bragg who came down from Anchorage, AK for the event. My older brother Dick (1233-4668-1322), his wife Kathryn & daughter Megan and my younger brother Greg (1233-4668-1324) also were there. It's not very often all four of us kids gather at the same time!

"Most of Dad's brothers & sisters were there, too. It was a very festive event, with a lot of food! Deviled eggs were the hot items. We had cake, coffee, tea and punch, as well.

"Most everyone stayed until 4:00 P.M. Dad was pretty tired after all the excitement and had to be wheeled back to the Convalescent Center at Panorama City in Lacey, WA.

"I know he appreciated everything, especially having Tina and Steve come down. Tina, Steve and I stayed with Mom in their apartment for four days, helping Mom and taking Dad up to the apartment each say. A real treat for him. We even went to a local casino one day!

"We also had an intimate family dinner on Dad's actual birthday (March 19th) featuring 'Tina Steak' (Steve's name for Tina's marinated flank steak), baked potatoes, my broccoli casserole, a green salad and chocolate cake, which is Dad's favorite. All four kids were also there. The people in the Convalescent area had tied a helium balloon to his wheelchair, making him the 'Toast of the town' for the day!"

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