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Family News

Christopher Almy (1408-3312-1122-3) And His 1981 Delorean

Christopher is the son of Thomas A. and Joan Almy, and the grandson of Merwin and Veda Almy.

Birth of Slate Grinnell Almy Taylor (1407-1C74-3141)

Katherine (Almy) and Richard Taylor announced the birth of their son Slate on July 5, 2003. Slate's very proud grandparents are Mary Taylor and Donald and Louise Almy. They wrote on the announcement "Please join us in welcoming Slate into the world with a song, a prayer, a dance, or whatever you feel moved to do."

Here is a picture of Slate.

Updated Family Information From David Almy (1235-5792-114)

David and his wife Mary Kay wrote "Our daughter Shannon married Steven Joseph Levin born 4/8/70 Chicago, ILL. Their son Carter James Levin, born 5/3/01 Fairfax, VA.

"Our daughter Brooke married Andrew Harold Peden born 10/9/70 Wilmington, DEL. Their son Jake Andrew Peden born 2/25/97 Christiana, DEL. Their son Grant Harold Peden born 7/8/99 Christiana, DEL. Their son Will Dean Peden born 11/18/02 Lankaneau, PA.

"My brother's son Dean Johnson Almy III married Kelly Hines of Atlanta, GA. Their son Adrian was born in 99, but I will have to get you the rest.

"Our son William Rhea was 22 on 8/20/03 and is a Junior at Salisbury University, MD. I am still practicing architecture as Almy Architects, P.C. (no business needed, thank you) and am thinking of a change of life style but not total retirement.

"My twin brother Stephan is retired in California and still has the Captain Stephen Olney bes rifle, which he picked up at the battle of Bunker Hill (Breads Hill), which Mary Kay and I brought to an Almy Reunion held at Arlington, VA many years ago."

(Merwin note: I remember the reunion very well. It was September 5-7, 1980 and you and Kay had your daughters Shannon and Brooke with you.)

Merwin and Veda Almy 60th Wedding Anniversary November 2, 2003

Merwin had just been commissioned a 2nd Lt. in the Army Quartermaster Corps at Camp Lee, Virginia, and they were married while on home leave after commissioning. Their honeymoon took them back to Camp Lee and eventually Merwin served two years in New Guinea. Their subsequent travels have taken them to all the States and all seven continents. Genealogy has enabled them to meet many cousins in the United States and overseas and it has been great.

News from Susan Mary Almy (1252-95a3-352)

Susan wrote (e-mail) that she is now divorced from Patrick D. Denney and now goes by her maiden name - Susan Mary Almy.

Her sister, Fay Ann (Almy) Platko remarried last year Spraige Whitney. Date not furnished.

Susan's daughter - Emily Sue Dombrowski married Colin Bennett on 2 May 2003. Emily will be graduating from college next year.

This Newsletter Is Late

Merwin went to the hospital for six days with pneumonia in September. While there they found that he had diabetes. This has changed many of his activities. At the same time Veda has had difficulty with the medication for her Parkinson's Disease and this has required additional visits to the doctors.

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