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Birth of Owen Martin Almy (1233-5143-2421-21)

Owen Martin Almy was born August 13, 2000 in Madison, Wisconsin, to Richard Clarke Almy and his wife, Jane Kurtz.

(Richard R. Almy, Jr., grandfather, reported this to me in January 2001. I recorded it in my records at the time, but failed to include this happy event in the next newsletter. I promise to do better in the future.)

Birth of Nathaniel Conant Neville, Jr. (1235-5773-9221-2)

Nathaniel Conant Neville, Jr. was born October 1, 2001 in Fayetteville, North Carolina, to Nathaniel and Robyn Neville. He joins a sister Abigale Wilcox Neville, born December 5, 1997.

Meridith Meadows Almy (1233-3252-3112-21)


Gabriel Alexander James (1233-3252-3114-21)

Bert Almy (1233-3252-3113) in his Christmas letter wrote that two new babies arrived in his branch of the Almy Family Tree in 2003.

Meridith Meadows Almy was born on July 9, 2003. Her parents are Jonathan and Jennifer Almy who live in Phoenix, Arizona. Jonathan is the son of Fred Almy, who is Bert's brother.

Gabriel Alexander James was born on August 21, 2003. His parents are Frank and Pauline James. Frank is the son of Betty James, who is Bert's sister.

Marriage of Gregory David Mason (1235-5773-9211)

On October 27, 2002, at Hampstead, New Hampshire, Gregory David Mason married Maria Lynne Day. Further details not reported.

Frances Hale Almy (1233-5143-242w)

Frances Hale Almy, wife of Richard R. Almy, died June 7, 2000 in Reston, Virginia, just 7 days before her 85th birthday. Frances and her husband Richard were married June 14, 1936 in Old Hickery, Tennessee. They had four children: Richard, Helen, Elizabeth, and Rebecca.

Frances and Richard were one of the first Almy families I visited in my genealogical travels. They lived in Front Royal, Viginia.

Daniel K. Wrighter (1252-9531-6162)

Daniel Keith Wrighter, 54, son of Rita Almy Hollslander and the late Stanley Wrighter, died September 25, 2003. He is survived by two daughters; Monica Bennett and Rebecca Wrighter; and eight brothers and sisters.

(Information furnished by Peggy Almy (1252-9531-617W)

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