Following is a listing of those cousins who have sent in contributions, since the last issue of the Almy Family Newsletter, to help defray the costs of printing and mailing. This help is most appreciated. Many thanks to each and everyone of you.

Thomas B. Almy 1232-1218-4122 Virginia
Thomas W. Almy 1232-1272-4212 Michigan
Elnora G. Almy 1232-1283-24W Ohio
Alfred H. Almy 1233-31S1-3452 Arizona
Mary Almy Merrell 1233-3252-3111 Virginia
Peter E. Almy 1233-3252-4112 Texas
Karin Taylor 1233-3252-4121-1 California
Lee Almy Harris 1233-3252-431 Florida
Marjorie Wade 1233-4668-121 New York
Floyd Almy 1233-4692-413 New York
Richard R. Almy 1233-5143-2421 Illinois
Brooks Almy 1235-4131-1233 New York
Robert A. DuHamel 1239-2145-2D4 Massachusetts
Marion Almy Jones 1239-2165-171 California
H. Raymond Almy 1252-9532-741 New York
William A. Knowlton 1252-9773-34 Virginia
Donald G. Almy 1407-1C74-31 California
Terrance D. Almy 1407-2511-224 California
Richmond Almy Day 1407-2551-2 Arizona
Charles S. Gifford 1407-5561-22 Virginia
Clara J. Almy 1407-5041-1 New Hampshire
Janice Almy Hill 1408-3833-1121 Idaho
Gertrude T. Almy 1408-6262-42 Illinois
Ralph E. Winkler 1542-31xx-731 California

Your Cousin (1408-3312-112),
Merwin F. Almy
17835 SW Shasta Trail
Tualatin, OR 97062-9408

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