Births of Almy Descendants

Troy Crofut Rumsey (1233-5147-2224-2)

Troy Crofut Rumsey was born December 19, 1995 in Campbell, California (near San Jose) to Bob and Frances (Crofut) Rumsey.

Troy joins his sister Adrien whose birth was announced in the January 1994 Newsletter. His grandmother advised me that Adrian (as previously reported) is the masculine for the name, whereas her name is Adrien which is the feminine spelling of the name.

[Merwin: I learn something every day. If I could only remember those things.]

Caroline Ann Atwell (1233-5180-3321-1)

Caroline Ann Atwell was born April 17, 1996 in Charlotte, North Carolina to Alan, Jr. and Nancy (Leist) Atwell.

Grandfather Alan Atwell, Sr. wrote me an E-mail letter on the Internet to announce the birth of his granddaughter. Carrie's father, Alan, Jr. is a manager with the accounting firm of Arthur Andersen, Inc. Her mother is employed with Andersen Consulting. Alan's other son works and lives at North Myrtle Beach where he is the lighting director at the Alabama Theatre in North Myrtle Beach.

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