Following is a listing of those cousins who have sent in contributions since the last issue of the Newsletter to help defray the costs of printing and mailing these newsletters. This help is much appreciated.

Name Almy Number Residence
William B. Barnes 1232-1218-3211 California
Marian D. Bower 1233-4668-123 North Dakota
Donald L. Almy 1233-4668-151 Washington
John Almy Rumsey 1233-5147-222 California
Sylvia Almy Nichols 1233-5147-233 Virginia
Brooks Almy 1235-4131-1233 New York
Rosemary Almy Barile 1407-1426-123 South Carolina

Your Cousin (1408-3312-112),
Merwin F. Almy
17835 SW Shasta Trail
Tualatin, OR 97062-9408

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