Beautiful Shenandoah

Larry W. Turner (1252-9137-1132) of Woodbridge, Virginia wrote me that there was an article in the December 1996 National Geographic title "Simple Gifts of the Shenandoah" that mentions a Gerald Almy. He wondered if I knew about him.

Yes, I know Gerald A. Almy (1232-1213-1511-4). Gerald has written a very good book on fly fishing which I told about in Newsletter No. 16 (October 1978). The writer of the National Geographic article wrote: "My destination: a modest cabin overlooking the river's North Fork. It belonged to Gerald Almy, a young refugee from the Washington suburbs who had driven west with his father to fish one day and fallen in love. 'We bought a plot of land, had a shell put up, and finished the interior ourselves,' Almy said. He settled in to live alone on a bluff overlooking the river and soon was a budding magazine writer, traveling the globe on assignment."

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