Following is a listing of those cousins who have sent in contributions, since the last issue of the Almy Family Newsletter, to help defray the costs of printing and mailing. This help is most appreciated. Many thanks to each and everyone of you.

Name Almy Number Residence
Frances Almy Culler 1232-1218-411 Ohio
Harold Almy 1233-4668-132 Washington
Constance M. Price 1235-4131-1111 Ohio
Mrs. W. R. Kalbfleisch 1235-5773-52 Massachusetts
Dean J. Almy, Jr. 1235-5792-112 Maine
Mrs. Richard Yates 1239-2165-172 Maryland
Larry W. Turner 1252-9137-1132 Virginia
Paul B. Almy 1252-9531-613 Colorado
Paul Almy Martin 1407-1C71-11 New York
Thomas B. Almy 1407-2512-21 Massachusetts
Dorothy E. Johnson 1408-3822-11W Arizona
Brian Almey English Cousin England

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