Donald J. Ingram (1239-2127-1412)

Donald J. Ingram, 49, of Petaluma, California, died December 21, 1996, in Santa Rosa, California. He was born in San Francisco on August 4, 1947, son of William H. and Bernice (Young) Ingram, and grandson of Hazel Bernice Almy. Don was born in the city and grew up as a city boy, going through primary and secondary school systems there. Gregarious from the beginning, he made scores of lifelong friends throughout his interesting life. In Don's mature years, he was a first class umpire, highly respected by his colleagues at the North Coast Officials Association. During the past decade, Don worked on his favorite avocation and perfected a sophisticated entertainer's persona doing superb imitations of Elvis and Roy Orbison throughout the Bay Area. Don also mastered the guitar and could play by ear almost anything a listener would want to hear, from The Kingston Trio to Elvis.

Besides his umpiring and work with music, Don was totally dedicated to his family. In the late 70's, he became fascinated with genealogy and visited Ireland and Germany, gathering information on his family's roots. He loved this endeavor and left behind a wealth of professionally prepared information on his roots for scores of grateful cousins.

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