Millie Almy Writes

I have corresponded with Millie Almy (1233-4666-21) of Berkeley, California for over 20 years, and she has contributed much interesting information about the Almy Family. Millie wrote "I was recently able to attend an Elder Hostel in Chautauqua County, where I was born and brought up. My cousin, Marian Blackmore, accompanied me. We both agreed that it was very worth while and quite fun. People our age were all especially interested in the sessions on jazz. I would like to have you shift my receipt of the newsletter to my cousin. She is the daughter of Florence Almy and Todd Brown. Florence was my father Joseph Egbert Almy's sister. She served as my sighted guide at the Elder Hostel and we had a nice opportunity to catch up on family affairs. Since I no longer see well enough to read the newsletter easily, I think she will gain more from it than I can."

I have carried out Millie's wishes and added Marian to the mailing list to receive future newsletters.

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