Family News from Jimmie Irving Almy (1232-4149-173)

Jimmie Almy sent the following information on his relatives so that I could update my records or confirm information I already had.

Irving Frank Almy, his father, (1232-4149-17)
born 28 March 1914 Keystone, OK
died 6 May 1995 Cleveland, OK

Samuel Almy, his father's brother (1232-4149-16)
born 20 August 1911 Keystone, OK
died 5 October 1995 Tulsa, OK

Louis H. Almy, his father's brother (1232-4149-15)
born 9 September 1908 Keystone, OK
died 27 October 1977 Cleveland, OK

Ruby Almy, Louis' wife (1232-4149-15W)
born 13 May 1910 Newton County, AR
died 6 October 1990 Tulsa, OK

Blanche "Fern" (Almy) Fisher, his father's sister (1232-4149-18)
born 31 May 1917 Keystone, OK
died 13 January 1989 Joplin, MO

Albert C. Fisher, Sr., Fern's husband (1232-4149-18W)
born 24 February 1912 MO
died 16 October 1994 Joplin, MO

Wilbur Lee Almy, Jimmie's brother (1232-4149-172)
born 17 August 1935 Cleveland, OK
died 19 November 1973 Clearwater,FL

I thank Jimmie for the family update.

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