Revision of Almy Numbers

In my review of the family of William F. Almy (1233-8618) I found that at the time of my original assignment of numbers he had only one child, a son William, which was assigned number 1233-8618-1. Later I found that son William had an older sister, who has to be child number 1, and that son William became child number 2.

So I have revised the affected Almy descendant numbers. All those numbers that started with 1233-8618-1 now start with 1233-8618-2. The following, currently on my mailing list, have new numbers as follows.

1233-8618-2113 Thomas Almy
1233-8618-213 Susan A. Yacubian
1233-8618-222 Sally Woods
1233-8618-231 Darby A. Chambers
1233-8618-232 Robert B. Almy, Jr.
1233-8618-251 Richard Almy
1233-8618-2531 Carolyn Boogaerts

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