Following is a listing of those cousins who have sent in contributions, since the last issue of the Newsletter, to help defray the costs of printing and mailing these Newsletters. This help is most appreciated. Many thanks to you all.

Name Almy Number Residence
Cherry (Almy) Hosteter 1232-1213-1532-3 Michigan
Jimmie I. Almy 1232-4149-173 Oklahoma
Jennifer Chudy Simon 1233-3111-2222-1 New York
Lee Almy Harris 1233-3252-431 Florida
Millie Almy 1233-4666-21 California
Marian Bower 1233-4668-123 North Dakota
H. Raymond Almy 1252-9532-741 New York
William S. Randall 1408-3832-51 Florida

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