RICHMOND ALMY DAY (1407-2551-2)

Last Fall Richmond Almy Day moved from Tucson, Arizona to Parkwood Place in Grand Forks, North Dakota. On July 4, 1997 he wrote me the following:

"My life since leaving Arizona last fall has been quite different -- this past winter was the worst in history. Then the first weekend in April the worst storm in history raised much trouble in the area. My daughter was without water and power for 8 days! Then come mid April -- the big flood. On the morning of the 19th of April -- I woke to see water running down the main street in front of Parkwood Place. I had been volunteering with the Red Cross and was told IF possible -- I could be used to serve breakfast at a shelter. BUT that morning I found I could NOT get to the shelter -- that all the water in the City was polluted and quickly I called my daughter some 40 miles west and asked if she wanted a house guest. The stay turned out to be 7 weeks as Parkwood Place, which was ordered evacuated later in the day of 19 April, did not reopen until the 7th of June. The basement where long term storage and garage was located is still closed with a target opening in August.

"The basement was flooded (and we are 6 miles from the river) to the ceiling. I lost my uniforms, some summer sport shirts, some camera gear that I did not use regularly -- about 1,000 dollars. Very very minor to the hundreds who lost their entire homes - they have just started demolishing homes that were completely submerged and everything but everything was lost.

"But the spirit in the City is upbeat and they talk of a bigger and better Grand Forks. The Corps of Army Engineers responsible for inland water ways is projecting either a new dike to replace the old clay dikes some 40 years old or building a diversion around the city - maybe a combination of both.

"Parkwood Place lost some 24,000 pounds of food in the basement storage and the rubbish taken from the basement totaled over 230,000 pounds. It sure has been quite a winter.!!!! "

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