A Genealogical Mystery

About 20 years ago, Ruth Jacobs, a delightful friend in the Pilgrim John Howland Society told me that her ancestry included Almys. I told her to give me the information so I could add her to the Almy Family Tree. I have been anxious to receive her Almy ancestry as I would like her to be an Almy cousin.

A month or so ago Ruth furnished her Almy tie-in. She sent copies of pages from Representative Men and Old Families of Southeastern Massachusetts which showed that her mother was the granddaughter of John Ellis and Nancy Almy who were married in New Bedford, Massachusetts on 22 January 1824. I found other information that indicated that this Nancy Almy was born 2 October 1801 in Nantucket, Massachusetts, the daughter of Whitfield Almy.

This was as far back as I could go. Even though I have information on thousands of Almys, I do not have a Whitfield/Whitefield Almy. I wrote to the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) in hopes they could locate information on a Whitfield Almy.

NEHGS wrote me back that search of their books and records failed to disclose any information that would identify this man, his parents, his siblings, or other relatives. They suggested I contact the Nantucket Historical Association, which I have done.

I had hopes that I would have this "case" solved by this time and I could write about it in this newsletter. But that was not to be. I hope Whitfield Almy will be identified and that it will make an interesting article for the next issue.

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