Note from Crystelle Wickett


Crystelle noticed my work with the Huguenot Society and wrote me the following.

"I have just returned from a trip to Switzerland, Le Locle, St. Imier, Neuchatel, Basel, Geneva. I am a direct descendant of the former mayor of Le Locle, and we were entertained by the present mayor. We also had the pleasure of attending a Huguenot event in the church at Basle where my imigrant ancestor Rev. Pierre Robert was Minister and where his son was baptised. The members were charming and greeted us with open arms. My cousins from South Carolina and I belong to the South Carolina Huguenot Society, and I belong to London . Ireland Huguenot Society as well as our National."

Crystelle said she would send me copies of letters from Benjamin Rathbone Almy's daughter who was the wife of the banker to the Sultan of Turkey and she was his official hostess -- "they are very interesting."

Looking forward to your next letter.--Merwin

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