In Memoriam

Anne S. Almy (1233-4657-112)

Anne Swift Almy, 49, of Friendship Heights, Chevy Chase, Maryland, died of cancer October 13, 1997, at an extended care facility in Hanover, New Hampshire. Anne was born 28 November 1947 in New York City and raised in Pelham, New York. She graduated from Radcliffe College and received a law degree from the University of Maine, where she also served as editor of the law review.

Anne was a lawyer who worked in the Environment and Natural Resources Division of the Department of Justice in Washington, DC. As deputy chief, she supervised litigation involving federal environmental laws, natural resources, Indian law and the use of national parks, forests and other federal land.

Close family survivors include her parents, Drs. Thomas and Katharine Almy of Hanover, New Hampshire; two sisters, Dr. Susan Almy of Lebanon, New Hampshire, and Dr. Christine Bachrach of Columbia, Maryland.

(The above information is mainly from the Washington Post obituary of October 17, 1997 furnished by both William Knowlton (1252-9773-34) and Kenn Almy (1408-6612-12). I thank both of them for keeping me informed.

Carlotta Grimm Almy (1233-5143-223W)

Carlotta Grimm Almy, 90, wife of John Cutts Almy, deceased, passed away on October 31, 1997 in Daytona Beach, Florida. She was born on August 19, 1907, in Hartford, Connecticut. She grew up in Windsor, CT, attended Yale School of Music, and graduated from the University of Vermont in 1931.

Carlotta married John C. Almy on June 25, 1938 and moved to Daytona Beach where they raised four children; three girls and a boy. She taught piano lessons privately in her home as well as at the local community college.

Their son, John G. Almy, wrote me on the Internet that "we were fortunate enough to have given her a beautiful 90th birthday celebration on August 16th, 1997. As a cute footnote, I would like you to know that she was still enjoying teaching children and adults piano in her home up to the time of her death."

I thanked John and told him that I had bought gas at his father's Standard Oil Station in Daytona Beach way back in the 1930's. I still have a picture of the Almy Service Station that I got at that time. I also told him that my wife and I visited his father and mother, and his two aunts, back in the summer of 1985 on a trip South from our home in Northern Virginia.

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