Journal of Billings Grinnell Almy (1407-1C74)

Following is the continuation from the last Newsletter of the journal of Billings Grinnell Almy. (See introduction in Newsletter No. 85, January 1996.)

Monday, October 3, 1898

Worked on German until 10:00 then went down to the University. Nicely finished off inside. Went on over to the library, read some in the reading rooms and returned some books for Mr. Chase. Afternoon more German and a ride of 15 miles before supper. Tried our bicycle lamps for the first time. Seemed to be all right. After supper Herr Fritz entertained us with stereoscope & pictures.

Tuesday, October 4, 1898

In rooms all day. Dictionary work on philosophical vocabulary. In afternoon got a couple of N.Y. papers and read an hour or so in them. In evening went to my first German play. An opera by Wagner, Walkurie. Acting was good. Language not understood. Painting poor, -powdering. Scenery good. And lights brought into the play and scenery very nice.

Wednesday, October 5, 1898

Didn't get up very early. Hastened to the new Gewandthaus to a rehearsal. Good seats after the rush. Nichsch concert. Orchestral music two solos by a Hungarian lady soloist. Very good about 100 - 125 pieces in the orchestra. Afternoon took a long excursion through the busy part of town. In evening packed our bicycle grips for Berlin trip.

Thursday, October 6, 1898

Started for Berlin at 7:04. Long day's ride with heavy pack. J couldn't push his wheel fast enough. Good road, nice cool

day. Rode 90 miles to Potsdam there took the train to Berlin got in about 8:00 p.m. Region towards Berlin seems more wooded. Nice level country. Much farming done and on larger scale than anywhere I have been before.

Friday, October 7, 1898

Berlin about 9-3 we spent in looking over some of the "sights" of Berlin, hurriedly. Saw University buildings & other public buildings, the Emperors Palace several monuments, Collection of Cannons etc. Unter den Linden Street etc. Busy city. In later part of afternoon took my wheel apart and cleaned all the bearings preparatory to return trip.

Saturday, October 8, 1898

Left Berlin at 7:45 to make my first "century". Rode return trip as follows: 8:45 = 12 mi. 9:45 = 10 mi. 10:45 = 13 mi. 11:45 (incl lunch) 12 mi. 12:45 = 15 mi. 1:10 = 4 mi. Then 45 minutes for dinner, starting again at 1:55 at 2:55 = 12 mi. 3:55 = 11 mi. At 4:55 = 11 mi. and the rest 104.0 at 5:35. I had ridden 99 mi. At the end of nine hours including dinner. And at stop for dinner had averaged 12 mi. Per hour. The average for the day was exactly 11 mi. per hour including all stops. Letter from Ada.

Sunday, October 9, 1898

Slept late and arose later. Nearly all day again spent in letter-writing. Went to Christian Endeavor with Mrs. Chase and to church. Rather cool fall-like day. Quite clear and chilly. Wrote to ACA, Ada, JEA. Met quite a number of Americans. All seemed friendly and two especially offered to assist me in any way possible.

(To be continued)

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