Unusual Finding

One comes across surprising and unusual things in genealogy work. I had a brother Bertram S. Almy, born in 1907, who died in a train/automobile accident when coming home on leave from the Army in 1941. Bertram is not a common name, and I was really surprised when I found that there was a Bertram S. Almey in the family tree of my genealogical friends in England and Wales. (I know we are related, but proof of the relationship has not been documented.) Here are two with the same first name, middle initial, and last name.

Through correspondence with Bertram Almey's widow in Birmingham, England, I found that her Bertram as born in 1899, and died in 1973. He was known as "Bertie" and his middle initial was for Stanley. My brother was known as Bert, and his middle name was Stuart.

There are many duplication of names. But the names are usually the more commonly used names or the individuals are related. These Bertram S. Almys could not have been named with the knowledge about the other.

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