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Poem by Susannah Almy (144)

In response to my request for articles to put in the newsletter, Suzanne Malone Prosnier (1453-3734-2312-1) suggested the following poem by Susannah Almy and that I should pose the question as to the destiny of Susannah.

Susannah Almy is mentioned in the Memorial of the Townsend Brothers as being a sister to Audrey Almy, daughter of Colonel Job Almy of Rhode Island. The book states that "James, son of John 2nd, of Jericho, is the ancestor of those known in the family as Jericho Townsends. He married Audrey, daughter of Colonel Job Almy, of Rhode Island. The date of his marriage is not known, but his eldest son was born in 1692. Of his wife, nothing but her very pretty name is known; but Susannah Almy, her sister, was the author of some verses (preserved by Dr. P. Townsend), from which we shall give an extract, as their date gives them an interest besides that which they possess for her sister's descendants."


If thy estate he took from thee,
And thou art brought to poverty.
By crosses or afflictions strong, --
Murmur nor grieve at any wrong.
It's God that hath a hand o'er all,,
To raise thee up, or let thee fall.
Perhaps the Lord will try to find
If thou hast a contented mind.

If thou art rich, then be content;
Forget not thou from whom 'twas sent;
If God hath given thee treasure's store,
Think thou art steward for the poor.
One day be sure thou must appear,
To give account what thou didst here,
And then these lines you true shall find--
No wealth like a contented mind.

If honor or preferment great
Shall raise thee up on Justice's seat;
Or if by place or dignity,
A judge of causes thou mayest be,--
Think Heaven's court of justice high
Will on thine actions cast an eye.
This mighty Judge, be sure, can find
The secrets of your heart and mind.

If thou God's laws do break, be sure,
Or by oppression wrong the poor,
Or let the mighty bear the sway,
To turn the poor man's cause away,--
He that doth this, be sure, shall find
Afflictions, with a troubled mind.

If, otherwise, thou chance to be
A judge of right and equity,
And wilt the poor man's cause defend
As well as his who means doth spend,
And right the poor and fatherless,
Likewise the widow in distress,--
Reward from heaven he sure shall find;
On earth, a sweet, contented mind.

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