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Journal of Billings Grinnell Almy (1407-1C74)

Following is the continuation from the last Newsletter of the journal of Billings Grinnell Almy. (See introduction in Newsletter No. 85, January 1996.)

Wednesday, October 12, 1898

German on physiolo-psycho. vocabulary. At noon took a walk of an hour sight-seeing. After dinner visited with Mrs. Chase and walked down the street with Mr. Lingle of Cornell Univ. Quite an interesting talk on work here. Mirrors, etc. Then from 5-10 p.m. I worked at my German again.

Thursday, October 13, 1898

The day I didn't leave the building. German all day off and on. Visited with Mrs. Chase and took supper as the family went to the theater. Wrote a letter to Ada. Had the first fire of the season in the room. German slowly improving. Can read more intelligently. But have to "ubersetzen"* before I can understand the word.

* Transcriber's note: translate

Friday, October 14, 1898

Some what of a vacation in that I shirked my German. Worked about two hours, then went to the Grassi Museum until dinnertime. Afternoon tried German a couple of hours again then "bummed" until 6:00 - Very cold day considering the time of year. Tried my hand at shopping. Got rattled to say the least. Spent the evening talking and playing dominoes mit only Germans for "playmates."

Saturday, October 15, 1898

Mailed out a letter to J.W. Searson. Slept late breakfasted at 9:00 then after reading the N.Y. Tribune through I did the customary thing. German. Repaired a puncture on wheel and took a short ride of half hour. Wrote a letter to Cora Seabury. Trip on wheel to Entrisch-Gohlis and back via Frankfortes Str. And the Bruhle. After supper played backgammon with Fraulein Fritz and started a letter to Ada(Deutsch).

Sunday, October 16, 1898

Wrote a long letter to Ada with several pages of Deutsch. Went to church and C.E.* meeting with Mrs. Chase. It was rather cloudy day rained in the evening and night.

*Transcriber's note -- Christian Endeavor

Monday, October 17, 1898

The morning soon passed only thing out of the regular routine was a visit to the panorama "Battle of Leipzig". Very good, Cavalry and infantry, meeting on the one side, cavalry against cavalry on the other. In the afternoon I went down to the reading room on the Bruhle. Fraulein Fritz gave me my first German lesson at four. Sehr ?

Tuesday, October 18, 1898

Had my lesson in the morning. Paid less on technical and put in most of time on conversational German these two days. In afternoon took a bicycle ride. Got into strange parts of the city twice and from S.E. once & S.W. once came out at the same place - Johannes Kirche.* Oh well, I guess I shall learn German after awhile.

*Transcriber's note. - church.

Wednesday, October 19, 1898

Only German for morning pleasure and exercise. Learned the gender of two hundred words as well as the words - (mostly recalled.) In the afternoon took a walk through the city doing some shopping. Also went thro` the halls of the University. It is exceedingly fine. Massive double stairways and columns of granite. Very beautiful. Reviewed nouns and adjectives in grammar thoroughly.

Thursday, October 20, 1898

Prepared my German lesson and recited. Good 24 hours work. Sent note to JEA by Mrs. Chase. In the afternoon went to the Pastor's Reception. Met several and had an enjoyable time. As I had worked until 1:15 the night before I retired about 10 with no evening study.

(To be continued)

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