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Status of Almy Genealogy

Following is a summary and status of the various facets of my venture into the Almy Family Genealogy which started about 30 years ago.


This issue is the start of the 25th year of the Almy Family Newsletters. The first issue, consisting of two pages, was dated January 1975. Since that time I have written about 500 pages covering every activity in the Almy Family -- from births to deaths, and a lot in between. If there is any subject I have missed that you would like to see, let me know. Also, I welcome any material you think would be of interest to the Almy Family.

The number of persons on the mailing list to receive the newsletters has fluctuated over the past twenty-four years. At one time the list included about 300 addresses, but currently approximately 200 copies are sent out each issue.

Size of Family

I have collected information on over 10,000 descendants of William Almy, the immigrant of around 1628. This number includes spouses. These are all linked together -- parent to children. Descendants of daughters are included to the extent a descendant is interested in the Almy family and has contributed their lineage to the Almy Family tree.

In addition to the above 10,000+ that I can tie back to William, I also have information on three other groups of Almys that I can tie together, but not back to William, the immigrant. These three groups total 180 individuals. Here is the information on these unsolved lines.


I have corresponded with two Almys that have furnished information on their ancestry which goes back to a Job T. Almy, born about 1805 in Oneida, New York.

I found this Job T. Almy in the 1850 Federal Census in the city of Ogden in Monroe County. He was listed as Job T. Almy, age 44, laborer, born NY. With him was his wife, Diadama (that's what it looked like), age 38; Andrew A. 18; Phebe M. 14; George A. 10; and Albert 3. Part of the family group was a Zacherie Marshall, 73, laborer.

Another Almy descendant, knowing I was searching for information about this Job T. Almy, sent me the following information from the 1855 New York Census for Sweden Township in Monroe County. It lists Job T. Almy, age 48, born Oneida, and a resident of Sweden for 2 years. His wife was listed as Elizabeth D. Almy, age 44, born in Delaware. Children listed were George A. 16, and Alford A. 7, both born in Monroe County.


I have corresponded with four Almys that I can trace their Almy line back to an Andrew Almy born about 1843 in New York.

I found this Andrew Almy in the 1880 Federal Census living in Vandalia, Cass County, Michigan. He was listed as 37 years of age, born in New York. In his household was Abigail, wife, age 40, born in Indiana; 4 daughters, born in Michigan: Myrta M. 12, Jessie M. 11, Lenora 8, and Minnie B. 1; a son, Samuel F. 6, born Michigan; and a step-son, Montraviler Thomas, age 23, born Michigan.

Andrew was not found in the 1900 Federal Census, but his wife Abigail was found living in Columbia Township, Van Buren County. She was listed as 60 years old, born January 1839 in Indiana. Living with her was Arthur Almy, son, born October 1881 in Michigan; and a grand-daughter Maude, age 11, born March 1889 in Michigan.


I have corresponded with or contacted sixteen Almys that descend from an Andrew Allison Almy, born December 1848 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He does not show up in the Federal Censuses until 1880 when he is found in Christian County, Kentucky, age 30, born in Louisiana. With him is his wife Mary, age 23, born in Kentucky; and his children, born Kentucky: Charlie 3, Mary 2, and George 4/12.

I have in my records 100 descendants (including spouses), of this Andrew A. Almy, but information is needed on his parents and where they came from before he can be tied into the Almy Family Tree.


I have a folder for each member of the Almy Family that I have corresponded with or obtained information from. At the present time I have 795 files. Initially I obtained information by correspondence, but later I did a lot of my information gathering by phone, and more recently by Email on the Internet.

Almy Book

For over 25 years I have been writing the Almy genealogy in genealogy book format. I have a page for each family -- a family consists of a parent or parents and at least one child. At present I have 875 Almy families, all of which show their descent from the immigrant, William Almy.

I have drafted the material for 8" x 11" sheets of paper which can be 3-hole punched for a 3-ring binder. With introduction, references to source material, and index, this will be 1100 to 1200 pages, which becomes a cost problem for printing and shipping.

My current tentative plans are to have the total book on a CD-ROM disk, which is becoming very economical. Individuals can, through use of a computer and a word processing program, print out the pages that they are interested in. Most everyone has or can have access to a computer and the cost of a CD-ROM disk and its' shipment is very reasonable.

A lot of you have inquired about when my genealogy will be published. I will keep you advised of my plans. I welcome your thoughts, questions, and comments.

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