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Two First Cousins, Once Removed,

Found Me, Merwin Almy, on the Internet

A little background. My grandparents, Irwin Holder and Emma Minnie (Cook) Almy had three children: My father, Arthur Cook Almy, born in 1873; Sarah Louise Cook Almy, born in 1884, who I only knew as Sadie, that married William Bonin; and Hazel Gertrude Almy, born in 1894, who married John Asmussen.

My father, being the eldest, was the first to leave home. He married in 1903. I have a copy of the wedding program that Sarah signed as Sadie Almy. My father went to work in Florida and then in 1918 moved to Lakewood, Ohio to work in a Cleveland steel mill that was gearing up for World War I. I was born in Lakewood in 1920.

My father did not like to travel so I only got to visit twice with my Asmussen cousins in Rhode Island as I was growing up. Sadie had married William Bonin and moved to California. That was too far for my father to travel for a visit.

Then World War II came along. I was commissioned a second lieutenant and was sent to the South Pacific. Veda, my wife, accompanied me to the West Coast and after I boarded the transport ship in San Francisco, she decided to visit my Aunt Sadie in Los Angeles before going home to Ohio. Sadie and my parents had corresponded so we knew her address.

Veda went to Sadie's house and after talking awhile, Sadie insisted that my wife cancel her other accommodations and stay with her. Sadie and Veda had such a good time together that she stayed with the Bonin's for several days (after 55 years, she can't remember exactly how long).

Two years later, when I returned from the Pacific, I decided to visit Sadie on my way home. So finally, after 26 years, I got to meet Sadie. I was anxious to get home to my wife and our parents, so I did not have an extensive visit. I have often wondered about Sadie and her descendants, but never obtained the information to start a search.

Then in February this year I received an Email from a person I did not know that stated her ancestors were Cook/Almy/Bonin. She had seen my Almy web site, but did not know my ancestry or whether I was related. I was thrilled as I knew it had to be a child or grandchild of Sadie that was writing. I immediately E-mailed a reply and asked for her address and phone number. Through phone calls and correspondence with her and her sister, I found that they were the children of Sadie's daughter Dorothy who I had in my records, but not her married name. We are currently in the process of exchanging family information. The Internet sure is a wonderful tool for finding lost relatives.

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