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Journal of Billings Grinnell Almy (1407-1C74)

Following is the continuation from the last Newsletter of the journal of Billings Grinnell Almy. (See introduction in Newsletter No. 85, January 1996.)

Monday, November 14, 1898

Copied lectures in forenoon. In afternoon made good progress in lectures and laboratory. Just before supper got three good letters. And after supper had a merry time. The two Canadian Ladies came to meal for first time; Miss Rathbun and Miss Cameron. A regular "Deutsche Stunde".*

*Transcriber's note - German hour.

Tuesday, November 15, 1898

In morning had a Gesellschaft breakfast. Nothing particular in morning. In afternoon had an experiment on Reaction - new one - very cheerful. But an hour later happened to think I was wasting time here at present and made me gloomy all the rest of the day. In evening talked over prospects of Eng-European war with Tilton.

Wednesday, November 16, 1898

A German holiday - and I made it an American one also although I didn't celebrate any. Just loafed and did nothing. Wrote an "extra" letter however. A period of "blueness" has struck me the worst since I left home. I am tired of doing nothing and I cannot do "something".

Thursday, November 17, 1898

Read the Paris Herald and bought some books. Still blue. Sent a letter to Ada that I have written in the last three days. Lectures about same . Possibly a little better this afternoon. Just found out that I haven't had sleep enough in last 3 or 4 days. Feeling better tonight. First studying I have done since Tuesday. Done very well tonight. Sent my card with address on it to Miss Winger.

Friday, November 18, 1898

Got back to method of studying. Read for a couple of hours. Sent my card with address on back side to Miss Winger "explanations given or received". In afternoon sent a small dictionary by mail and bought me a good one ?. Feeling much better than recently.

Saturday, November 19, 1898

Tried my best to hear one of my two lectures. But after finding Mentz absent, I walked over to Zool. Institute to find a notice that Prof. Marshall was krank* and no lecture. Had a big time with a fellow trying to tell him that I didn't want some paper that I had ordered. Rode 17 miles out & back in an easterly direction with sun in S.E. so long that I suppose it was 10:00 instead of 4:00p.m.

*Transcriber's note - sick

Sunday, November 20, 1898

Wrote letters noch einmal*. Began at midnight and wrote a third of one before going to bed. Nice day in the morning. Got cloudy and cooler before night. Wrote a six page letter to Louis for the one he sent me.

*Transcriber's note - yet again

Monday, November 21, 1898

A kind of an indifferent day in morning. Afternoon went well. Understood lecture and good hour in laboratory withn Mentz.

Tuesday, November 22, 1898

Read grammar & had an hour with Fraulein Fritz in the morning. Fair day. Evening reviewed the grammar. "Nouns". Writing out the English sentences in German.

Wednesday, November 23, 1898

Read & worked on grammar in afternoon with Mentz again. Getting on to a few things in laboratory ways. In evening worked on adjectives and broke my record by sitting up till 2:30 writing a letter to Ada. The two nights work on grammar was sure hard.

Thursday, November 24, 1898

My first Thanksgiving Day away from home. I hardly recognized the day. I sat up a little to (sic) late last night; I could feel it all day. Not sleepy but weak. In the evening ate turkey at the church supper.

Friday, November 25, 1898

Four months out from home. And beginning of second month of lectures.

Didn't dream any after my mince pie and turkey. I guess it was so homelike that I slept good. Wrote a letter to Frank about midnight telling him to send my first installment of cash.

Saturday, November 26, 1898

Had better luck with my classes today. Went to the laboratory division. In afternoon I was for the first time an experimenter in Wundt's laboratory. I gave him an experiment in reaction time to the fellow I had been working for as subject. Skipped a lecture on Kant to read the American papers.

(To be continued.)

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