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Journal of Billings Grinnell Almy (1407-1C74)

Following is the continuation from the last Newsletter of the journal of Billings Grinnell Almy. (See introduction in Newsletter No. 85, January 1996.)

Sunday, November 27, 1898

Slept until 10:30 so didn't have a very long forenoon. Cloudy gloomy day. Rained in evening. Wrote letter home & to Ada. The day people tried to tell me I was sick until I almost felt like believing it.

Monday, November 28, 1898

Day of Mourning. Miss Rathbun received telegram from home. "Etwas"* gloomy for all. Still working away on my grammar. Verbs this week. Lecture in morning clear but in afternoon eyes ached. So I could not follow the lecture well. In evening worked out a time table for Christmas letters.

*Transcriber's note - somewhat

Tuesday, November 29, 1898

Had an hour with Fraulein Fritz on some German sentences from grammar. Kind of sleepy and dull day. German work entirely on sentence writing. Played dominoes until after 10:00.

Wednesday, November 30, 1898

Looked up a little German and another German Stunde.* Afternoon wrote sentences and forgot to go to laboratory work. In evening wrote a German letter zu Hause.**

*Transcriber's note - hour

**Transcriber's note - to home

Thursday, December 1, 1898

Received by first notice to appear before German officials. My capabilities for taxation are to be argued Monday. Came to the conclusion to skip Heinze for a few days. I cannot understand him any better than I did the first day. E.E. election of officers in the evening with Mr. & Mrs. Chase across the corridor and so I spent the evening there.

Friday, December 2, 1898

Went to see Fraulein von Struve. Arrange for lessons 3 hours per week. Skipped two classes for a change and understood the third lots better. Worked pretty hard all day on German sentences.

Saturday, December 3, 1898

Met Mr. Scott in the laboratory. I was glad to see him and he to see me. Had a good talk with him about work here and at Halle. Good chance to show the Prof. That I could connect up apparatus. Good hour as subject in afternoon and understood lecture on Kant much above the average.

Sunday, December 4, 1898

Made a record on letters finished. Ada's before dinner Ma's before church and J's before 10:00. All of them pretty close to 15 grams too. Haven't had a fire for three days now nice fall weather.

Monday, December 5, 1898

Nothing out of usual except that I went around to Tax office and told them that I was a student and had no income in Germany instead of going to class. No letters. Wrote my lesson on now and where I studied German for Fraulein von Struve.

Tuesday, December 6, 1898

Lesson in the morning corrected sentences. No advance lesson given. Fairly good lesson. Got several phrases that were new and useful. Read in laboratory in afternoon. Schuffled (?) Down in Zool. For knocking down a seat during a lecture.

Wednesday, December 7, 1898

Had two hours with Fraulein v. Struve all my forenoon. Too late for class in Zool. In afternoon worked with Mentz and had a chance to talk about German & American universities. And what I had done in Psych. Lab. at home. He told me my results were favorable.

Thursday, December 8, 1898

As usual except as I was on my way to class I got a cinder in my eye and spent the rest of the day trying to get it out. Eye very inflamed all day. Went to bed early to sleep it off. Cut all classes.

Friday, December 9, 1898

Eye better but had such a cold that the two did me up. With Fraulein v. Struve I could hardly understand the English to say nothing of the German. Dull and couldn't think at all. Went to classes but hurt my eyes to study so didn't very much.

Saturday, December 10, 1898

Classes as usual altho' I didn't understand very clearly. In working with Alieschiff in the afternoon I found that he was a foreigner - Slav. Language. He also was pleased with my reactions for that day very much.

Sunday, December 11, 1898

Wrote letters as usual. Third rainy Sunday consecutively.

Monday, December 12, 1898

Got my letter on time once more occasion for rejoicing. Afternoon got hold of Heinze's lecture for a change. Wundt is twisting me up on idealism. Cannot follow him so very well now. Long lesson ready for tomorrow.

(To be continued.)

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