Almy Descendant No. 1407-1

31. SANFORD5 ALMY (John4, Job3-2, William1),b. Tiverton, RI, 28 Aug 1759; d. Tiverton, RI, 19 Sep 1844.

He. m. Tiverton, RI, 27 Sep 1781, LYDIA GRAY, b. Tiverton, 15 Mar 1763, d. 6 May 1836, dau. of Pardon and Mary (Brown) Gray. Sanford and Lydia are buried at the Sanford Almy Burial Ground, Little Compton, RI.

Children, born Little Compton, RI:

65iGEORGE6, b. 7 Jul 1782; d. Little Compton, 7 Jan 1859; m.(1) Tiverton, RI, 11 Feb 1818, RUTH MANCHESTER, b. 18 Dec 1799; d. Tiverton, 25 May 1834; dau. of Abraham and Anna (Cook) Manchester. He m.(2) 22 Jun 1837, NANCY GRAY, b. 1791; d. 6 Dec 1861; dau. of Philip and Susanna Gray.
iiJOHN, b. 17 Jul 1783; d. Point Peter, Guadeloupe, 10 Jan 1803.
iiiHANNAH, b. 20 Mar 1785; m. Tiverton, RI, 28 Jul 1803, JAMES MANCHESTER, b. Tiverton, 6 Jun 1781; d. 1847; son of Gilbert and Mary (Durfee) Manchester. They had four children.
66ivFREDERICK, b. 20 Nov 1786; d. Little Compton, 12 Jul 1877; m. Little Compton, 20 Dec 1814, MARY SIMMONS, b. Little Compton, 1 Feb 1791; d. Little Compton, 12 May 1875; dau. of Benoni and Nancy (Bailey) Simmons.
67vSANFORD, b. 20 Sep 1788; d. Little Compton, 6 Feb 1881; m.(1) Little Compton, 23 Nov 1815, LYDIA R. BROWN, b. Little Compton, 15 Mar 1797; d. Little Compton, 1 Jan 1853; dau. of John and Lois (Taylor) Brown. He m.(2) Little Compton, 18 Jan 1854, SOPHIA IRISH, b. Little Compton, 8 Mar 1811; d. Little Compton, 25 Oct 1889; dau. of John and Nancy Irish of Little Compton.
68viOLIVER HUMPHREY, b. 27 Aug 1790; d. Little Compton, 17 Oct 1873; m. SARAH B. HUNT, b. Little Compton, 27 Oct 1797; d. Little Compton, 18 Nov 1864; dau. of William and Betsey (Little) Hunt.
69viiPARDON, b. 18 Jun 1792; d. Little Compton, 2 Nov 1864; m. Tiverton, 24 Nov 1818, MARY COOK, b. Little Compton, 5 Jun 1799; d. Little Compton, 5 Feb 1856; dau. of Samuel and Hannah Cook.
viiiMARY, b. 16 Nov 1794; d. 29 Mar 1885; m.(1) CHRISTOPHER WHITE; m.(2) Little Compton, 11 Aug 1830, NATHAN BENTON SPAULDING, b. Moretown, VT, 24 Mar 1802. Children (Spaulding): 1. Mary-Almy, b. Ashburnham, MA, 25 Jun 1831; 2. Nathan-Royal, b. 30 Sep 1833; 3. Christopher, b. 8 Apr 1836; 4. Emily-Lorinda, b. Weston, MA, 16 Sep 1839.
ixANGELINA, b. 26 Oct 1796; m. Little Compton, 12 Mar 1826, WILLIAM R. DAVENPORT. Children (Davenport): 1. William E., b. 1827; d. San Francisco, CA, 28 Feb 1850. 2. Lorinda, b. 1828; d. 22 Apr 1855. 3. Louisa M., b. 21 Aug 1831; d. 24 Oct 1865; m. Joseph L. Davis. 4. Lydia, b. Sep 1833; d. 6 Nov 1834. 5. John W., b. 22 Nov 1834; d. 4 Jun 1872.
xCLARISSA, b. 24 Aug 1799; m. Tiverton, 16 Apr 1817, ANDREW ALMY (Almy Descendant No. 1235-571), son of Otis and Lucinda (Manchester) Almy.
xiLORINDA, b. 12 Sep 1801; d. New Bedford, MA, 9 May 1829.
xiiLYDIA, b. 7 Mar 1804; m. 10 Jan 1822, JOSEPH BROWNELL.
70xiiiJOHN EDWIN, b. 19 Nov 1807; d. Little Compton, 6 Jan 1871; m. Little Compton, 23 Sep 1828, LEVINA MANCHESTER, b. Little Compton, 29 Jan 1808; d. Little Compton, 7 Oct 1863; dau. of James and Hannah (Burroughs) Manchester.
xivFANNY T., b. 14 Mar 1810; d. Tiverton, RI, 11 Feb 1813.

In his will made 1 Jul 1840, proved 9 Dec 1844, Sanford named sons George, Frederic, Sanford, Oliver H., Pardon, and John E.; daughters Mary Spaulding, wife of Nathan B. Spaulding; Angeline Davenport, wife of William R. Davenport; Clarissa Almy, wife of Andrew Almy; Lydia Brownell, wife of Joseph Brownell; grandchildren, children of my daughter Hannah Manchester - Hannah Manchester, Horace A. Manchester, Almira Brown, Diana Briggs, Lovana Almy, Emeline Brownell, Harriett Manchester, and Mary Ellis Manchester.

According to Rhode Island Pension Rolls, Sanford Almy had the following Revolutionary War service.

1. Private in company of Captain Isaac Cook, Colonel John Cook's Regiment, that guarded shores from Fogland Ferry to Howland's Ferry, 1776.

2. Attached to expedition under General Spencer, 1777.

3. In General Sullivan's Expedition, 1778.

4. At Butts Hill under Captain Cook, 1781.

5. Sergeant under Captain Peleg Simmons at Breton's Point, 1781.

The following write-up is from a small booklet Fragmentary Sketches & Incidents in Little Compton & Tiverton during the Revolution and the War of 1812, published in 1880. "On 25 June 1813, a severe battle was fought at the John Woodman shore, near Almy's Creek, when a launch and barge from the British Brig "Nimrod" chased on shore a Nantucket sloop with a cargo of flour and corn. The launch and barge from the Nimrod followed the sloop from Seconnet Point, firing upon her all the way up the river. When the sloop was run on shore, the crew left her and hastened to Sanford Almy's to ask his sons to protect their vessel and cargo. Three of Mr. Almy's boys; Frederic, Sanford, and Pardon took their muskets, and furnished the crew with such weapons of war as was at hand. They started for the shore, but on their way, they were fired upon by the enemy, the cannon ball striking near them. The Captain and crew of the sloop turned and ran into the woods where they remained until all was over. The Almy boys resolutely proceeded to the bank wall where they were joined by others. They commenced firing at the British barge as it approached the sloop. While the launch lay off beyond the reach of musket balls, it kept up a continual fire from a 12 pound cannon to prevent our men from changing their position to a better advantage for crippling them. Notwithstanding this, our people kept up a brisk fire of musketry and when reinforcements arrived from Tiverton and Portsmouth, the enemy was compelled to leave after setting fire to the vessel. Our people suffered no loss; but the enemy's loss was reported to have been severe. Sanford Almy's boys performed a very creditable service.

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